Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

Video Level Meter VLM1

Ranger Video Level Meter VLM1

This meter provides a direct reading in volts of peak white and sync levels of a CCTV signal on a 4 digit LCD display. An input impedance switch provides slection between terminated (75Ω) and unterminated (high impedance) input.



  • Adjustment of auto-iris lenses
  • Adjustment of gain in video amplifiers and other signal processing equipment
  • Measurement of insertion loss in video transmission equipment


Input Range

Sync : 90mV - 1.05V

Peak : 300mV - 3.5V

Input Impedence

High Z/75Ω

Power Source

PP3 alkaline battery



Dimensions (overall)

118 x 60 x 29mm


95g (with battery 140g)



Ranger Video Level Meter VLM1



Download Literature - vlm1.pdf (200kb)



Ranger CCTV Test Equipment Ranger CCTV Test Equipment

The Video Level Meter VLM1 is just part of the innovative and portable Ranger series of CCTV test equipment. Click here to discover the whole range